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Aspire Tigon Kit Review - An in Depth Look

Posted by Gemma Chambers on 3rd Apr 2019

Aspire Tigon Kit Review The all new Aspire Tigon kit offers a robust, highly flexible vape for different vaping styles, all in a tidy package. It’s quite possibly the best pen style kit we’ve seen in 2019 so far. So what makes it so good? Let’s take a look at its features and how it works. window.SHOGUN_IMA...
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All Hail the Humble Pie E-Liquids | Blog

Posted by Martin Chambers on 21st Mar 2019

We have been championing Humble Pie for some time now,but we thought it is long overdue for a proper introduction and flavour break down for all you lovely ladies and gents. Humble Pies tag line is “for when life sucks” (give the person who came up with that tag line, the day off for genius marketing.) and it really does seem to make a bad day, a lot more bearable....
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Best Spring E-Liquids of 2018 | Blog

Posted by Gemma Chambers on 18th Feb 2019

Spring is in the air! As the bitter chills of Winter make way for sunny days, longer evenings and greener scenery, you might need an e-liquid to match. A classic Spring E-liquid should be vibrant, refreshing and capture the spirit of the season. With this in mind we have shortlisted our favourite selection of the best spring e-liquids to keep you refreshed....
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Our guide to vape jargon | Help & Advice

14th Jun 2018

Vaping has a lot of confusing phrases and terms. Use our dictionary to learn the lingo. Air Flow – Either fixed or adjustable, the air flow is important to allow fresh air to be pulled around the coil to prevent the coil from overheating and to create the vapour. All Day Vape (ADV) - An e-liquid which you can vape all day, without getting bored of the taste. Atomiser / Coils - The coils which heat...
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What are one shot concentrates | Blog

Posted by Claire Collins on 24th May 2018

Here at Vanilla Vapes we're very proud to support the ever-growing DIY E-liquid community. In our DIY Blog Series our resident mix master, Claire Collins, will be guiding you through many topics on making your own liquid at home, whatever your experience level. Claire's Guide to One-Shot Concentrates I have been making my own e-liquid since 2013. Over that time, I have learnt an incredible amount, much of that learning coming fro...
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