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DIY Mixing

PG Bottle, Hangsen concentrates and Capella concentrates on a table

Making your own DIY E-liquid is a fun and rewarding challenge. If you fancy yourself a bit of a home mixer you can find everything you need here. We stock a variety of one shot concentrates as well as a wide selection from the best flavour concentrates from flavour houses all over the world including Capella, TFA, Flavor West and Hangsen.

The Flavor Apprentice

French Vanilla Flavour Concentrate by TFA


French Vanilla concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A soft and not too sweet vanilla flavour.  Great as an addition to cream, custard, coffee or bakery based recipes. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 2% Suggested starting mix as...

Ice Floe

Grape & Berries Ice Big Shot 250ml


Grape and Berries Ice by Ice Floe is a much loved fruity combination for those who enjoy cold or berry vapes. The grape soda is at the forefront which is backed up perfectly by a sprinkling of summer berries. Added to this is the Malaysian style chill...

The Flavor Apprentice

Grape Juice Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Grape Juice concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A grape soda type flavour, works well layered with other grape flavours, berries and bubblegum. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 3% Suggested starting mix as standalone: 6% The Flavor...

The Flavor Apprentice

Green Apple Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Green Apple concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A strong tart and sweet apple flavour, some find this quite candy like, pairs well with watermelon flavour. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 1% Suggested starting mix as standalone:...


Green Orange Flavour Concentrate by Hangsen

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Green Orange concentrate by Hangsen. A different style to most orange concentrates on the market, Hangsen have delivered a sophisticated orange which has a juicy, fresh flavour to it. Popular in blood orange recipes as well as orange creams. Suggested...

The Flavor Apprentice

Gummy Candy Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Gummy Candy concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  Adds a nice gummy sweets element to other fruit flavours, particularly with grape. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 2% Suggested starting mix as standalone: 4% The Flavor Apprentice...

The Flavor Apprentice

Honeydew II Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Honeydew II concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  An authentic honeydew melon flavour, not too sweet.  Pairs well with other melons, cucumber and tropical fruit flavours. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 2% Suggested starting mix as...

EasyMix Classics

Intense Menthol One Shot Concentrate 30ml


EasyMix Intense Menthol is a powerful menthol with a strong peppermint taste. Slightly different to the standard menthol e-liquid, due to its strong minty taste as well as the cooling effect. If you like XXX-strong mints, this will be a hit. This is...

EasyMix Classics

Juicy Blueberry One Shot Concentrate 30ml


Blueberry is a truly fitting flavour to be in the classics range. It's a vape flavour that's been around since forever. Finding the perfect blueberry vape is no small task though. Some are too bitter, some are too fake and some straight up taste like...

Fruit Tree

K-Berri One Shot Concentrate 30ml


K-Berri one shot concentrate is a kiwi and strawberry which balance each other perfectly. The sharp kiwi combines and compliments the juicy strawberries giving an overall mellow fruity vape. This is a one shot concentrate which is designed to be mixed...