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Flavour Concentrates

find all our e-liquid flavour concentrates hereWe have a wide variety of flavour concentrates from the top flavour houses including Capella, The Flavor Apprentice and and FlavorWest. All of our flavour concentrates are designed to be mixed as part of a recipe rather than as stand alone flavours. If you love experimenting with flavours, this is the hobby for you. Pick up some flavours you think will work well together, and give it a try! New to DIY mixing and not sure? Why not start with our one shot concentrates and skip all the hard work!

The Flavor Apprentice

Strawberry Ripe Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Strawberry (Ripe) concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A ripe strawberry flavour with a subtle sweetness.  Layers particularly well with Capella Sweet Strawberry for a more rounded strawberry flavour. Suggested starting mix in a...

The Flavor Apprentice

Sweetener Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Sweetener concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice. A useful additive to impart sweetness to your recipes. TFA Sweetener is made up of 5% Sucralose and 5% Ethyl Maltol. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 0.5% Suggested starting mix as standalone:...

Italian Aromas

Watermelon Concentrate by Italian Aromas


Watermelon Flavour Concentrate by Italian Aromas is a realistic melon rather than the candy flavours of other brands. It's not a particularly sweet flavour so works well with a bit of Super Sweet or other sweet fruits such as Strawberry. Suggested...

The Flavor Apprentice

Watermelon Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Watermelon concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A strong candied watermelon flavour that works very well paired with other fruits. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 3% Suggested starting mix as standalone: 8% The Flavor Apprentice...

Vanilla Vapes

WS-23 Flavour Concentrate 10ml


WS-23 30% dilution.  WS-23 is an additive that provides an icy, Malaysian style chill to your mixes.   Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 0.5% Suggested starting mix as standalone: Not Recommended Concentrates are for DIY mixing...