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Fruit Flavoured eliquids stocked by Vannilla Vapes

If you're looking for fruity e-liquid then look no further. We love fruits and our selection shows you how much! We have both simple fruit flavours such as blueberry and strawberry as well as more complicated fruit blends. We have berry mixes, tropical blasts and refreshing citrus with a variety of short fill and 10ml TPD compliant e-liquid options available. 

EasyMix Signature

The Frosty One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Frosty One is a icy blend of forest fruits all rounded into a short fill e-liquid. The Signature Collection offers something for all tastes and we know some like it cold. It's not a full brain freeze e-liquid but it does have a healthy serving of...

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The Juicy One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Juicy One is a tropical blend of sunshine fruits in a short fill e-liquid. A complex, layered tropical e-liquid with twists and turns as you pick up different notes with every vape. A long drink, blended from 7 different tropical fruits, bringing the...

EasyMix Signature

The Pink One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Pink One is a sparkling pink lemonade e-liquid in its purest form. Starting with a base of home-made Sicilian-style cloudy lemonade, adding a touch of sweetness to balance out the bitter lemon and a light fizz for that authentic lemonade tang. It...

EasyMix Signature

The Posh One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Posh One is an elderflower, forest berry jelly crafted into a short fill e-liquid. We couldn't make a UK made Signature collection without including an elderflower e-liquid. The perfect floral vape for an after dinner treat on a summer evening as...

EasyMix Signature

The Prickly One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Prickly One is a unique blend of cactus and melon in a short fill e-liquid. When we developed our Signature Collection, we wanted to make complex flavours that dare to be different. The Prickly One certainly delivers in this area! A beautiful blend...

EasyMix Signature

The Refreshing One Shortfill E-Liquid


The Refreshing One is a citrus blast of pink grapefruit lemonade in a short fill e-liquid. When we crafted the EasyMix Signature Collection, our goal was to create a line of complex flavours and the Refreshing One fits perfectly. Primarily a zingy...

EasyMix Signature

The Sunny One Shortfill E-Liquid

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The Sunny One is a tropical blend of sunshine fruits in a short fill e-liquid. When we were crafting our EasyMix Signature Collection, we wanted to include a layered tropical e-liquid and we couldn't be more proud of our creation. A long drink, blended...

Fruit Tree

Tropical 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid


We ask a lot of our tropical flavours - They need to be juicy, refreshing, thirst quenching and taste like sunshine in a bottle. They need to remind us of summer holidays and kicking back on a desert island beach. With a delectable blend of mango,...

Naked 100

Very Berry 10ml E-Liquid


Very Berry e-liquid by Naked 100 offers a summer berry mix with a sharp lemon aftertaste. Expect sweet, juicy notes from blueberry and blackberry, while the sour lemon balances the whole thing into a berry lemonade. Available in 10ml bottles in a...

Vanilla Vapes

Watermelon 10ml E-Liquid


Sweet, juicy and indulgent. Fresh watermelon is hard to beat for a refreshing all day flavour. Thanks to this e-juice, you can get all that deliciousness on the go! Watermelon comes in a 10ml TPD approved bottle in 0,6,12 and 18mg nicotine strengths...