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How EasyMix Multi-Strength Shortfills Work

Introduction to EasyMix

The EasyMix system allows you to buy bottles larger than 10ml under the new vape regulations. With our innovative solution, you can make up to a 12mg using our shortfills and nicotine shots. Depending on the EasyMix strength you select, you receive the correct amount in the bottle to allow you to add the correct number of nicotine shots to make the full bottle in your desired strength. We make sure to adjust the flavour concentrate so the flavour is never diluted and you receive the same quality shortfill regardless of what strength you select.

How do I mix it?

Simply use the below table to work out which EasyMix strength and how many nicotine shots you need. Take the nip out of the EasyMix flavour bottle and pour all the nicotine shots into the bottle. Give the bottle a really good shake for at least a minute until it's all mixed together... That's it!

What should I buy?

The table below will allow you to look up your strength and bottle size to help you order the correct EasyMix Strength and bottle size.

Desired End Strength
Bottle Size
EasyMix Strength
Required number of Nicotine Shots
Easy3 (Contains 50ml)
1x 10ml Nicotine Shot
Easy6 (Contains 40ml)
2x 10ml Nicotine Shots
Easy9 (Contains 30ml)
3x 10ml Nicotine Shots
Easy12 (Contains 20ml)
4x 10ml Nicotine Shots
3mg short fill e-liquid
6mg short fill e-liquid
12mg short fill e-liquid
3mg short fill e-liquid
6mg short fill e-liquid
12mg short fill e-liquid