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Nom Nomz

Blue Cheese Concentrate 30ml

£9.00 £5.00

Nom Nomz Blue Cheese Creamy cheesecake topped with delicate blueberries, finished off with a tasty biscuit base... nom nom. Mix between 15-25% depending on PG/VG ratio.


Builders Choice Wire Box

£19.99 £6.99

The Builders Choice box from UD is a must have for serious coil builders, with an easy feed box and the following spools included: 1 x Kanthal A1 26G - 30ft 1 x Kanthal A1 28G triple twisted - 15ft 1 x Kanthal A1 26G + 32G clapton- 15ft 1 x Ni200 26G...

Coil Master

Ceramic Sticks

£12.99 £3.99

Coil Master Ceramic Stick Kit Perfect for keeping your coils in shape whilst dry firing and adjusting. 5 sizes of Ceramic Rods. 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0mm. Fitted in a convenient Silicone holder, with Silicone grips to prevent finger burns.

Coils Ferris Wheel Box

£19.99 £9.99

If you're looking for a wide choice when building your atomisers then look no further than the UD Ferris wheel, containing 70 pre-built coils of various resistances and types The Ferris wheel from UD contains the following pre-made coils, all with 2.8mm...


Combo RDTA

£22.99 £4.99

About The Device The iJoy Combo RDTA is an incredible rebuildable tank with loads of DIY options for all your builds and preferences.  It comes with a velocity style deck, a sprung deck and a pre-made replaceable coil. With the flavour and vapour...

Nom Nomz

Holy Cannoli Concentrate 30ml

£9.00 £5.00

Nom Nomz Holy Cannoli A delicious pastry tube filled with a lemon cream centre and sprinkled with moreish pistachios...nom nom. Mix between 15-25% depending on PG/VG ratio.


iSub Coils (pack of 5)

£9.99 £2.99

Replacement coils for the Innokin iSub tanks   0.5Ω BVC Clapton Coils - recommended power 30-70 watts 0.5Ω BVC Kanthal Coils - recommended power 30-60 watts 0.5Ω BVC SS316 Coils - recommended power 30-60 watts OR 190-245...

Nom Nomz

Lemony Snicket Concentrate 30ml

£9.00 £5.00

Nom Nomz Lemony Snickets. A zingy lemon sponge cake with a middle layer of thick cream, finished off with a lemon frosting drizzle...nom nom. Mix between 12-20% depending on PG/VG ratio


Nautilus X

£19.99 £14.99

About The Tank The Nautilus X by Aspire.  Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavour and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance, this is the future of micro tanks. Poised to transform how...

Odis Collection

Stabilised Wood & ULTEM Drip Tip

£27.99 £9.99

These thick-walled drip tips from the ODIS Collection are mounted on a heat resistant amber ULTEM base.   These are created by hand, each with their own unique marbling and markings.  Odis hand select each and every piece of stabilised wood...


Odis Collection

Stabilised Wood Drip Tip

£19.99 £4.99

These tips are created by hand, each with their own unique marbling and markings.  Odis hand select each and every piece of stabilised wood directly from their Canadian supplier. All of the Odis Drip tips are individually hand made, so there will...


Metal Moose

Stabwood Moose by Metal Moose USA

£199.99 £100.00

About The Device The Stabwood Metal Moose is a stabilised wood mechanical mod built in the USA.  The Metal Moose Mod spares no attention to detail and each one is a unique work of art. Each mod is turned and hand finished with 6 layers of high end...



The Petri v2 RDA

£60.00 £44.99

About The Device The Petri V2 RDA from dotMod.  As with all dotMod products, the Petri V2 RDA is a hugely impressive RDA.  This gorgeous RDA is not only extremely easy on the eye but it also works incredibly well.  A huge juice well, a...