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The world of DIY mixing can seem daunting at first, but with our blog it'll start to make more sense.

In this blog we cover the different components used for cooling in e-liquids, the benefits of each type and suggested mixing percentage starting points. We also take a look at how your mixes would benefit from combining the cooling additives.

You'll frequently come across the abbreviations MTL and DTL when looking at vape batteries, tanks and e-liquids. These refer to 2 individual styles of vaping which may seem a bit overwhelming to a new vaper.

We cover everything you need to know about the 2 styles to help you decide which is right for you.


Our story starts in Surrey, England in 2013 with a vision to make it easy to start vaping and help a ton of people stop smoking. We love simplicity, in fact, the name Vanilla Vapes comes from the ice cream of the same flavour - simple, honest and down to earth. Vaping technology may have evolved very quickly since Vanilla Vapes opened for business, but our principles remain the same; remove the nonsense and make vaping easy and accessible to everyone.

As our team have grown, we've put together all our experience to bring you the most reliable and best brands in vaping. You'll find the likes of Innokin, Aspire, Vaporesso, UWELL and many more on our hardware shelves. When it comes to liquid, we're as particular as you are about what we like - All of our liquid brands like Humble Pie, Ice Floe, Certified and EasyMix are lovingly made at our dedicated manufacturing facility to ensure quality, consistency and superb flavour.

Just because we keep things simple doesn't mean we don't support advanced vaping too. For the vaping enthusiast we source great rebuildables and high power mods, and for the home mixing community we keep a ready supply of concentrates from Hangsen, Capella, TFA and more plus one-shot concentrates of all our best-selling brands.


We've been vape geeks for years and are always happy to pass on the lessons we've learnt. Whether you are looking to get your first kit, step into subohm or start DIY e-liquid, our team are on hand to answer your questions. Call, email us or pop in store and we'll answer your vape questions.


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We want to hear from vapers (that's you!) about what you'd like to see from us. If you have any suggestions about products you'd like to see us stocking or services you'd like us to offer, please talk to us. We love our customers and value your feedback!