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Mixing Accessories

All of your mixing accessories, from PG and VG to bottles and syringes, can be found here.

Vanilla Vapes

500ml Propylene Glycol


USP grade propylene glycol for creating DIY e-liquid.  PG is known for good flavour carrying properties. liquids with a higher PG/VG ratio will generally produce more throat-hit PG base is only to be used in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes...

Vanilla Vapes

500ml Vegetable Glycerin


USP grade vegetable glycerin for creating DIY e-liquid.  VG adds a sweeter taste than propylene glycol, and produces more vapour.  Liquids with a higher VG/PG ratio will generally produce less throat-hit. VG base is only to be used in e-liquid...


VG Nicotine Shot


EasyMix Nicotine shots can be added to Easymix flavour products to create your desired strength. Easy3 + 1 shot = 3mgEasy6 + 2 shots = 6mgEasy 9 + 3 shots = 9mgEasy12 + 4 shots = 12mg