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20700 Battery


INR 20700A This INR 20700A cell is the fantastic original manufacturer 5 leg positive cell being used by iJoy, Efest, AMPKING and EBAT.  Brand: Unbranded Model: INR 20700A Size: 20700 Chemistry: INR Nominal Capacity: 2950mAh Nominal...

ROF Vapes

Alien Coils


ROF Vapes pre-built Alien Coils, you get 10 super neat Alien kanthal coils coming in at approximately 0.45Ω


Builders Choice Wire Box

£19.99 £6.99

The Builders Choice box from UD is a must have for serious coil builders, with an easy feed box and the following spools included: 1 x Kanthal A1 26G - 30ft 1 x Kanthal A1 28G triple twisted - 15ft 1 x Kanthal A1 26G + 32G clapton- 15ft 1 x Ni200 26G...

Coil Master

Ceramic Sticks

£12.99 £3.99

Coil Master Ceramic Stick Kit Perfect for keeping your coils in shape whilst dry firing and adjusting. 5 sizes of Ceramic Rods. 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0mm. Fitted in a convenient Silicone holder, with Silicone grips to prevent finger burns.

ROF Vapes

Clapton Coils


ROF Vapes pre-built Clapton Coils, you get 10 super neat Clapton kanthal coils coming in at approximately 0.85Ω

Coils Ferris Wheel Box

£19.99 £9.99

If you're looking for a wide choice when building your atomisers then look no further than the UD Ferris wheel, containing 70 pre-built coils of various resistances and types The Ferris wheel from UD contains the following pre-made coils, all with 2.8mm...

Wick n Vape

Cotton Bacon V2.0


Cotton Bacon V2.0 by Wick'n'Vape is an easy to use, clean cotton designed by vapers for vapers. Using only safe and traceable cotton, Wick'n'Vape have developed a product free of pesticides, added chemicals and natural cotton oils. The result is a highly...


Cotton Blend Wicks


The Fiber Freaks' Cotton Blend Wicks are a pack of 20 pre-cut wicks, perfect for 2-2.5mm coils. FEATURES: Packaged in a resealable travel size bag for on the go. Pima cotton blended with cellulose (compressed plant fibre). Purified, not bleached...

Flatwire UK

Flapton 24/32


Flatwire UK's uniquely drawn flattened clapton wire provides users with unbeatable surface area and an improvement in flavour.  With a 24g core, claptoned in 32g

Flatwire UK

Flat Sixty 22g


Flat-Sixty is drawn flattened HW6015 wire that provides increased surface area for improved flavour. Flatwire UK source the most widely used wire typed then double their surface area as they are custom drawn and loaded on to 10ft reels.