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PockeX Replacement Glass Sleeve


Replacement glass sleeve for the Aspire PockeX. If you have dropped the PockeX and broken the glass, no longer do you have to purchase a brand new unit.  You can simply purchase the replacement glass sleeve from us and have your PockeX as new again.


VC2 Plus Master Charger


The Xtar VC2 Plus is a 1.0A, USB powered twin battery charger for 18350/18500/18650/18700/26650 batteries. It features a large LCD display to show the current charge and remaining time until a full charge. The VC2 charger is supplied with a USB cable...


VC4 Charger


The XTAR VC4 is an intelligent 4 channel charger for 18350/18500/18650/20700/26650 batteries. It features a real-time display and multiple charging currents or the option of automatic selection based on the charging slots being used...