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DIY Mixing

PG Bottle, Hangsen concentrates and Capella concentrates on a table

Making your own DIY E-liquid is a fun and rewarding challenge. If you fancy yourself a bit of a home mixer you can find everything you need here. We stock a variety of one shot concentrates as well as a wide selection from the best flavour concentrates from flavour houses all over the world including Capella, TFA, Flavor West and Hangsen.

Afternoon Tea

Kir Royale One-Shot Concentrate 30ml


In the mood for a posh cocktail? It doesn't get much posher than a glass of Kir Royale. An adaption of its predecessor the cocktail called Kir, the Kir Royale uses champagne instead of white wine mixed perfectly with blackcurrant liqueur. Now available...

Ice Floe

Kiwi & Strawberry Ice Big Shot 250ml


Kiwi and Strawberry Ice by Ice Floe is a great palate cleanser sure to leave you feeling refreshed. Ripe strawberries blended with tart kiwi fruit strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Add to that, Ice Floe's signature chill for extra...

The Flavor Apprentice

Koolada Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Koolada concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  An additive used to add the cooling effect of menthol but without the menthol flavour.  Koolada can increase the throat hit of your mix.  Pairs well with fruit flavours. Suggested...


Lemon Flavour Concentrate by Hangsen

£4.99 £2.95

Lemon concentrate by Hangsen. An authentic lemon flavouring which works well as a standalone flavour as well as in a recipe. Commonly used in lemon cheesecake recipes as well as for adding a lift to fruits. Suggested starting mix in a...

Humble Pie

Lemon Tart One Shot Concentrate 30ml


Humble Pie's Lemon Tart One Shot 30ml Concentrate is a short, savoury pastry encasing a sweet, rich, tart and creamy lemon curd filling.  This is a one shot concentrate and we recommend mixing it at 20% for 150ml of finished e-liquid. Tasting Notes ...

Ice Floe

Lychee Lemonade Ice Big Shot 250ml


Lychee Lemonade Ice by Ice Floe is an exotic tropical cocktail that keeps it light and refreshing. Lychee is certainly at the front of the flavour with its unmistakable floral fruity juiciness, paired up with a Sicilian style fresh lemonade to keep...


Mandarin Flavour Concentrate by Hangsen

£4.99 £2.95

Mandarin Concentrate by Hangsen. Similar to Hangsen's Green Orange but a sweeter, slightly brighter flavour. Popular with the simple cooling of WS-23 or Koolada and peach flavourings. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 3.5% Hangsen...

Italian Aromas

Mandarin Flavour Concentrate by Italian Aromas


Mandarin Concentrate by Italian Aromas is a strong, realistic flavour. It's fairly sweet, similar to the sweetness of a real mandarin. This works well with Orange to make a rounded flavour. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 2%Suggested starting mix as...

The Flavor Apprentice

Mango Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Mango concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  An authentic mango, not too sweet, with an earthiness to the flavour.  Layers well with Capella's Sweet Mango. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 3% Suggested starting mix as standalone:...

Fruit Tree

Melon Berry One Shot Concentrate 30ml


There aren't many e-liquid flavours which offer a more classic combination than strawberry and watermelon. Melon Berry one shot concentrate offers exactly that! The unique flavour of watermelon compliments the sweet strawberries, all rounded up with the...

Vanilla Vapes

Menthol Flavour Concentrate 10ml


Menthol 10% dilution.  Menthol can be used as a standalone flavour or as an additive to give a menthol hit to your fruit flavour recipes. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 0.5%Suggested starting mix as standalone: 8% Concentrates are for...

The Flavor Apprentice

Meringue Flavour Concentrate by TFA


Meringue concentrate by The Flavor Apprentice.  A thick and creamy sweet meringue flavour that is very useful as an additive in mixes to give mouthfeel. Suggested starting mix in a recipe: 1% Suggested starting mix as standalone: 4% The...

EasyMix Classics

Mixed Berries One Shot Concentrate 30ml


EasyMix Mixed Berries contains everything berry all in one vape. With a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries, this is truly the berry lovers dream, bottled up into an e-liquid. This is a one shot concentrate and is designed...