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How to mix e-liquid by weight

Posted by Claire Collins on 26th Jun 2019

Mixing E-Liquid by Weight

E-liquid bottle and flavour concentrate on scales

There are two accurate methods of mixing e-liquid. By volume, which we have demonstrated in our guide to mixing one shot concentrates, or by weight. There are arguments both for and against each method but the benefits of mixing by weight are:

  • Generally considered to be a little more accurate than mixing by volume
  • Less mess – no syringes to wash up, assuming your bottles of concentrates, VG, PG and nicotine have nozzles to pour and drip from
  • Faster – pour and drip straight from each bottle into your empty bottle

What do I need to know?

When mixing by weight it's important to remember that PG, VG and flavour concentrates all weigh different amounts per ml. VG is much denser as it has a higher viscosity than PG. For example 1ml of VG actually weighs about 1.27g and 1ml of PG weighs approximately 1.04g. If you use a mixing calculator such as e-liquid-recipes it takes this into account and will calculate the weight based on the number of ml you need. You can see 2 separate columns for ml and grams.

Concentrates also have a specific gravity and this varies for all concentrates. The mixing calculator defaults to 1ml equals 1g. Though you can change this setting, to use the manufacturer's specific gravity for each concentrate, it is generally considered to be accurate enough to use the 1:1 default. Just make sure you are consistent so that your e-liquid is the same every time you mix it.

A screenshot of a one shot concentrate recipe from ELR

How do I mix?

Gather up all of your supplies including VG, PG, flavour concentrates and nicotine (optional). Have your recipe either printed or on your phone/computer/tablet, so you have everything in front of you ready.

Place your scales on a solid flat surface, put the container or e-liquid bottle that you'll will be mixing in on your scales’ weighing platform. Turn your scales on and wait for the weight to settle at 0.00g. If necessary, press the TARE button to 0 the reading.

Weigh each of the ingredients into your mixing bottle. I like to work through the list in order from top to bottom, with my ingredients set out in a line in the same order. It is a good idea to weigh them out slowly, particularly when first starting out, as it is quite easy to overshoot with your amounts. Some scales take a second or two to catch up, so give it a little time between each drop when you are nearing the correct weight.

Put the cap on your bottle and shake it really well.

And you’re done. It is as simple and straight forward as that!