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find-all-our-tobacco-flavours-here-1.pngA preferred e-liquid profile for a lot of vapers, a good tobacco is a very comforting vape. From plain tobaccos to sweet tobacco blends, all of our tobacco based e-liquids are here. For something a bit different, why not try one of our tobacco custards or our caramel tobaccos.


45 by Certified


We're pleased to bring Certified's 45 short fill e-liquid to the UK. Inspired by the wild west, 45 features the earthy notes of a rich tobacco, sweet hints of brown sugar and caramel and the full body of a vanilla custard.  Just like the heroes of...

EasyMix Classics

Caramel Tobacco


Introducing the ever popular Caramel Tobacco RY4-style short fill e-liquid by EasyMix. When we first created the EasyMix Classic collection, we wanted to have all time favourite e-liquids, executed to perfection. We wanted to make a tobacco to rival the...

EasyMix Classics

Caramel Tobacco - High VG


We're pleased to introduce to you, our Caramel Tobacco short fill e-liquid. Our Classic range of e-liquids includes all the timeless flavours you could want. After months of development, we have crafted our own interpretation of the classic RY4 flavour,...


Classic Tobacco


Classic Tobacco by Oasis Classic tobacco has a rounded dark and husky flavour with a smokey, toasted after taste.If tobacco vapes are your preference, grab your lucky hat cowboy, this one is for you. Classic Tobacco is a 50/50 PG/VG mix severed up in a...

Vanilla Vapes

Gold & Silver


Gold & Silver Gold & Silver is the closest tobacco flavour we've tried. it's been the flavour of choice for thousands of customers looking to keep their vape experience close to the experience they know, but without of the nastiness of smoking...

Vanilla Vapes



RY4A deliciously sweet tobacco flavour with a strong roasted caramel undertone, finished with silky vanilla. RY4 is probably one of the most famous tobacco e-liquid flavours around. Smooth, earthy and sweet.Packaged in a TPD complaint 10ml bottle, it is...

EasyMix Classics

Straight Tobacco


We're pleased to present EasyMix Straight Tobacco short fill e-liquid. Every classic collection needs a stand out, simple tobacco and after months of fine tuning the results speak for themselves. Based on a well-known cigarette brand, our Straight...

EasyMix Classics

Straight Tobacco - High VG

£13.99 £9.99

Our EasyMix Classic range wouldn't be complete without a strong, no-nonsense tobacco e-liquid. We definitely delivered with our Straight Tobacco short fill. Based on a well-known cigarette brand our Straight Tobacco is a well rounded and strong with some...


Tobacco Shortz


Tobacco by Shortz is an eliquid that doesn't pretend to be something it isn't. It's almost a cartoon caricature of tobacco, opting for a mild and sweet approach and leaving the woody, musty notes behind.   TASTING...

Chef's Vapours



Vapefella from Chef's Vapour is a creamy vanilla custard with just a hint of tobacco.  Definitely ADV material! TASTING NOTES Custard Cream Vanilla Tobacco