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Everything you need to know about nic salt e-liquids

10th Aug 2023

Everything you need to know about nic salt e-liquids

Everything you need to know about nic salt e-liquids

What Are Nic Salt E-Liquids?

E-liquids have become increasingly popular over the past few years as more people switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. One type of e-liquid that has recently been gaining a lot of attention is nic salt e-liquid.

But what exactly are nic salt e-liquids, and how do they differ from regular e-juice?

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Nicotine Salts vs Freebase

The main difference between nic salt e-liquids and regular e-juice is the type of nicotine used. 

Regular e-liquids use freebase nicotine which can sometimes give a harsh throat hit. 

Nic salt e-liquids, on the other hand, use a type of nicotine that is bound to benzoic acid. This form allows the nicotine to enter the bloodstream much quicker than freebase nic resulting in a smoother vaping experience.

Less Harsh Hit

One of the most significant benefits of nic salt e-liquids is that they provide a much less harsh throat hit than traditional e-juice making them more appealing for people looking to switch from smoking to vaping. However, many vapers enjoy the harsher hit from conventional freebase e-liquids. The smoother hit also allows for higher nicotine concentrations without becoming too irritating to the throat.

More Satisfying

Higher nicotine concentrations also make nic salt e-liquids more
satisfying for heavier smokers. While most regular e-liquids contain
18mg or less nicotine, nic salt e-liquids can range from 5 to 20mg. This
gives smokers the extra nicotine kick they need to truly feel like they
are replacing a cigarette. The quicker absorption of nicotine also
closely mimics the rush felt from smoking a cigarette.

Pod Compatible

Nic salt e-liquids have quickly become the go-to choice for pod kit vaping systems. The low vapour production of pod vapes pairs perfectly with the higher nicotine strength of nic salt juices. Together they provide a very cigarette-like experience of quick nicotine satisfaction without large clouds making pods and nic salts ideal for less conspicuous vaping. This combination is also perfect for those wanting to switch to a less expensive and more environmentally conscious choice than disposable vapes.
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Longer Shelf Life

Thanks to the natural acidity of nicotine salts, these e-liquids typically have a much longer shelf life compared to freebase nicotine e-juice. This makes them perfect for stocking up and vaping for extended periods of time.

Give them a try!

If you are looking for a satisfying vaping experience that resembles the sensation of smoking a cigarette or using a disposable vape, nic salt e-liquids are worth exploring. 

Just be mindful of the higher nicotine concentrations and adjust your dosage accordingly. 

With the right device and flavour, nic salts could provide the experience you need to make the switch from smoking.

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