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When to change my vape coil

Posted by Martin Chambers on 4th Apr 2019

How do I know my vape coil needs changing?

The Short Answer

It completely depends on how much you use your tank, but for the average user, it tends to be after 2 weeks. You’ll notice a drop off in the vapour production as well as a slight burnt flavour that starts creeping in and gets more and more prominent the older the coil is.

What are coils and why do they need replacing?

An atomiser coil is a small wrapped length of wire. It is surrounded with a wicking material (usually cotton) and then placed into a metal casing ready to be fitted to a vape tank. When you press the fire button on your battery, it puts an electrical current through the coil, causing it to heat up and vaporise your e-liquid. Over time the constant heating and cooling of the coil, along with the small residue left behind by vapourised e-liquid, clogs the cotton, it loses efficiency and wears out.

Keeping track of your coil’s performance and replacing it when necessary is the most important maintenance you can do to ensure a satisfying vape.

What are the main signs my coil needs changing?

Typically, we expect the average vaper to require a coil change every 2 weeks or so. This varies massively depending on how much you use your e-cigarette as well as how well you look after your coils. Here are the main signs your coils needs changing:

Loss of performance

You’ll find it just doesn’t feel as satisfying as it used to. It doesn’t feel as strong, and doesn’t have the same amount of throat hit. It’ll also not produce as much vapour and generally just feels wrong.

It taste burnt

Over time, you’ll notice your e-liquid is starting to taste a little burnt. This can happen if the wick is just too dry, either through the tank being empty or ‘chain vaping’ faster than the wick can soak up new liquid. However, if it’s tasting burnt on every puff and there’s plenty of liquid in the tank it’s a sign the coil needs changing. It’s likely the burnt taste will get stronger until it totally overpowers the e-liquid flavour.

It's leaking or gurgling

If your tank has started leaking and you’ve followed all the steps in our ‘Why is my tank leaking’ guide, then it may be time to bite the bullet and change your coil. It could leak for a number of reasons, but if you’ve tried everything, the best next step would be a coil change.

Loss of flavour

If your e-cigarette doesn’t taste as strong as it used to, this could be a couple of things. Over time, the cotton wicks get over saturated and aren’t able to wick the e-liquid as well. If you’re noticing a lack of flavour in combination with the other factors above it may be your coil to blame. If you’ve just changed to a fresh coil and you’re still struggling to taste your e-liquid, you may be suffering from ‘vapers tongue’ – a loss of taste sensation caused by tasting the same flavour over and over. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on vapers tongue!

It's been a while

If you’re new to vaping, you may not even notice the subtle changes that indicate coil change time. After all, they tend to change gradually so you might not notice. If it’s been several weeks since your last coil change, you might find a fresh coil breathes totally new life into your vape kit.

Is there any way I can make my coil last longer?

There certainly is! The main way to make it last, is to be aware of the e-liquid you’re using in your tank. Not all e-liquids are made equal as far as coils are concerned. E-Liquids that use large amounts of sweetener give coils a beating and it won’t last as long. Some super-sweet e-liquids have been known to burn out a fresh coil in a matter of days, so if you’re vaping deep-fried, candy floss filled donut flavour (ok we made that up) all day long you’ll need plenty of spare coils!

We’ve developed a few liquids that are designed to be kind to coils. Take a look at our EasyMix Classic and Signature Collection ranges for e-liquids that contain little to no sweetener and have a noticeably positive effect on coil life.