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What are shortfill e-liquids?

Posted by Martin Chambers on 16th Apr 2019

What are 50ml shortfill e-liquids? What is a shortfill e-liquid? Shortfills are large bottles of e-liquid which contain no nicotine. They are usually found as 50ml of e-liquid contained in a 60ml bottle, hence the name shortfill. A 10ml gap is left at the top of the bottle to give enough...
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Naked 100 E-Liquid Reviews

Posted by Martin Chambers on 9th Apr 2019

Our Naked 100 10ml E-Liquid Review With the sun hinting that warmer days might be the way, lets get Naked! Well Naked 100 at least. Naked 100 had a quick rise to fame in the e-liquid industry, and for good reason. They do some truly amazing fruit flavours. So if fruit flavours are your go to all day vape, you might just find yourself spoiled for choice. To help you decide, we've done a little flavour break...
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When to change my vape coil

Posted by Martin Chambers on 4th Apr 2019

How do I know my vape coil needs changing? The Short Answer It completely depends on how much you use your tank, but for the average user, it tends to be after 2 weeks. You’ll notice a drop off in the vapour production as well as a slight burnt flavour that starts creeping in and gets more and more prominent the older the coil is....
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The Best E-Liquid For The Endura T18 Kit

Posted by Gemma Chambers on 4th Apr 2019

Which e-liquid should I use in my Innokin T18 kit? So, you’ve decided you’d like to buy either the Innokin Endura T18II or T18E kit (or you already own one), but you’re unsure which e-liquid will work best. Our guide will ensure you’re confident of which e-liquid to order, and the good news is you have a huge amount of choice!...
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Humble Pie E-Liquid Review

Posted by Drew Thom on 3rd Apr 2019

Our review of Humble Pie e-liquids We have been championing Humble Pie for some time now,but we thought it is long overdue for a proper introduction and flavour break down for all you lovely ladies and gents. Humble Pies tag line is “for when life sucks” (give the person who came up with that tag line, the day off for genius marketing.) and it really does seem to make a bad day, a...
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